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Pure Body Yoga + Wellness Centre

Located in the heart of Pambula Village, we have a fantastic space with a variety of classes and sessions for your health and well-being including yoga, pre and post natal pilates, meditation and mobility.

We also offer events, retreats and workshops from time to time so be sure to join our mailing list to receive an invitation.

The Studio is climate controlled for your comfort and we also have two beautiful therapy

rooms with offering deep tissue and relaxation massage, reiki treatments, pregnancy massage, holistic and restorative treatments and holistic living coaching.



Pure Body Yoga

Classes include pranayama, meditation, asanas and relaxation to bring a sense of well-being to body, mind and soul. Finding the balance between effort and surrender.

☎ Jay 0421738 921



Yin Yoga

Fran offers a one of a kind Yin Yoga. No experience is required. You will breathe, find some space within you and your busy life and achieve wellness, peace and relaxation.

☎ Fran 0434 022 917



Ann Morgan

Massage Therapist

Deep Tissue + Relaxation

Reiki Treatments

Holistic Living Coach

☎ Ann 0428 313 288




Sapphire Zen Academy

Tune into peace, harmony, healing and oneness with a blissful soundbath meditation. Specially selected singing bowls and energy bar chimes help to induce a state of peace, bliss and oneness.

☎ Steve 0405 464 069




HeartSound lead you on a sonic healing journey, using ancient deep tones of didgeridoo, interwoven angelic vocals, sacred chanting and the mystical sounds of the mayan templa flute, gongs, handpan, guitar and percussion.

The sounds resonate deeply inside your body, gently moving you into a deep state of relaxation and helping you tune into your own natural inner guidance and healing.

☎ Vanessa 0419 632 806




Myotherapy & Stretch

At the crossroads where performance and holistic healing meet, you’ll find the services of Back On Track Myotherapy. An alternative, approachable and practical pathway to recovery through specific and individually tailored treatment programs. 

Optimal functioning of the human body, particularly musculoskeletal health, can only result when all bodily systems are in balance. At Back On Track we look at the body as a whole, providing an end-to-end service to diagnose, treat, manage and ultimately eliminate your musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. 

As we say, Let the people heal.


☎ Joshua 0459369193




Hatha Yoga

Suzi has been teaching Hatha Yoga for 25 years. Iyenger-based training helps ensure correct asana alignment, benefiting posture, strength and flexibility.


A focus on Pranayama expands lung capacity and deepens the practice. Meditation and relaxation rounds of the session.

☎ Suzi 0432 370 970



Rhian Thomas


You will practice moving in time with your breath and holding each position for a short time, which helps to grow your strength, flexibility and focus.


Every class is designed to gradually build in intensity before easing into our final pose, known as Savasana (the best part!), at the end of class.


Rhian's teaching intention is to share what she has learnt and experienced with YOU.



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