Pure Body Yoga + Wellness Centre

Located in the heart of Pambula Village, we have a fantastic space with a variety of classes and sessions for your health and well-being including yoga, pre and post natal pilates, meditation and mobility.

We also offer events, retreats and workshops from time to time so be sure to join our mailing list to receive an invitation.

The Studio is climate controlled for your comfort and we also have two beautiful therapy

rooms with offering deep tissue and relaxation massage, reiki treatments, pregnancy massage, holistic and restorative treatments and holistic living coaching.

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Pure Body Yoga

Classes include pranayama, meditation, asanas and relaxation to bring a sense of well-being to body, mind and soul. Finding the balance between effort and surrender.

☎ Jay 0421738921
✉ diggeress5@yahoo.com.au

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JC brings his “Re:Wilding” approach to health and nutrition all the way from London, United Kingdom. He is a qualified nutritional advisor, cert 3 personal trainer, kettlebells instructor, pre- and postnatal pilates and matt Pilates instructor, mobility and movement coach and a foot health enthusiast. JC brings 11+ years of knowledge and experience, and has coached Premier League Footballers, actors, models, West End performers, new mums, CEO’s and everyone in between. One conversation with JC is all it takes to witness the passion he has for helping people transform their lifestyle. 

☎ JC 0475310285 




Yoga & Meditation

A restorative class with mindful  movement, breathing practices, relaxation and meditation. Annapriya shares how to embody nature’s wisdom to create a sense of


☎ Annapriya 0478 606 525 or

6495 7604 


Vanessa & Steve


HeartSound lead you on a sonic healing journey, using ancient deep tones of didgeridoo, interwoven angelic vocals, sacred chanting and the mystical sounds of the mayan templa flute, gongs, handpan, guitar and percussion.

The sounds resonate deeply inside your body, gently moving you into a deep state of relaxation and helping you tune into your own natural inner guidance and healing.

 Vanessa 0419632806




Ann Morgan

Massage Therapist

Deep Tissue + Relaxation

Reiki Treatments

Holistic Living Coach

 Ann 0428313288




Rule of Seed

Awakening your bodies innate wisdom through holistic massage treatments. Using a combination of relaxation and deep tissue techniques to release tension and realign the body's own innate ability to heal and restore. Incorporating the placement of sacred hot and cool stones, crystals and essential oils as needed throughout each session to expand a state of equilibrium.

☎ Tara 0429964103




Yinward  Yoga

Louiza guides Yin Yoga to bring intentional movement that is designed to cultivate stillness and awareness to guide you through your day. The practice is designed to take you on a journey a journey of self-awareness, and to become comfortable in discomfort. Louiza brings techniques and strategies to bring peace and calm into an otherwise busy lifestyle. 

☎ Louiza 0415143295




Amanda Harris Healing

Amanda is a healer, psychic, reiki practioner, spritual mentor and empowering soul coach.

☎ Amanda 0412468434




Sapphire Zen Academy

Tune into peace, harmony, healing and oneness with a blissful soundbath meditation. Specially selected singing bowls and energy bar chimes help to induce a state of peace, bliss and oneness.

☎ Steve 0405464069

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