We stock a few LOCAL items for sale at the Wellness Centre that Jay personally uses & recommends:

Charlie Bee's Pure Beeswax Candles $12.50

Charlie Bee's Hand Crafted Soap $8.50

Crystal Goddess Smudge Sticks $9

Eye Pillows for the Earth - Yoga Eye Pillows $15

In-house Chakra Oils $9

Ceramics by Camilla Keep Cups $38

Tanja Studio Ceramics by Barry & Gosia Jackson; 

Print Cup $33 | Sunshine Cup $28 | Sunshine Jug $54

Goddess Malas: •earth mala $65 •ocean mala $65 •native mala $65 •lava mala $35
•sandlewood mala $35 •gemstone mala $35

Ayuvedic Oils - please contact Jay for description and prices

Secret Scent : Sacred Chi Room Spray $10 + Sacred Yoga Scents Roll on balms $20

10 session yoga pass discount pack $150  "the gift of yoga"


Pure Body Yoga and Wellness Centre Gift Certificates now available

Please ask to see my range of items at any of my classes or contact me



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